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PharmSupport offers training in the field of Quality Management, GMP, GDP, ISO 13485 and various specific components within the Quality Management system (Change Control, Deviation Management, Risk Management, Qualification & Validation, Computerised Systems Validation, Data Integrity). We offer in-company training courses, in which we specifically coordinate content, duration and level with you in order to fully meet the needs of your organization.

Let us know your training needs and we will make you a suitable offer. Once your request is received, we will contact you to discuss your wishes in detail.


GMP, or Good Manufacturing Practices, outlines comprehensive regulations for Quality Management in the pharmaceutical industry. GMP ensures that patients receive safe and effective medicines. Almost every employee in a pharmaceutical company, biotech company or compounding pharmacy is directly or indirectly affected by GMP. With a good (basic) knowledge of GMP, you will understand the set requirements, why they are important and how they related to each other. In the basic GMP training, we teach you the principles of ‘GMP thinking’.


GMP Introduction

The target group for this training are employees who are directly or indirectly involved with GMP in their work. In many cases, GMP training is mandatory for them. This training is suitable for employees who still have relatively little knowledge of these regulations and who work as operators, analysts, pharmacy assistants, managers and (staff)members in quality assurance, logistics, facilities, technology, purchasing and ICT, to name a few.


During this training the background, basic principles and all chapters of the European GMP are discussed. We teach you to correctly interpret the written rules and, based on your practical experience, tell you how this can be made tangible. This is because there is more than just the written rules. There is also the – often unwritten – detailed expectations of inspectors. 


The GMP introduction training is available in various forms:

  • As e-learning

  • Online

  • On location with open registration 

  • In-company training on location

For online and in-company training on location, it is possible to submit your specific questions prior to the course. We will take this into account when preparing the training.

GMP follow-up training

The GMP training is also available as follow-up training (GMP advanced). The follow-up training is tailor-made for a specific company or organization. The topics are determined in consultation and is available as in-company training on location.


GMP refresher / retraining

The GMP refresher / retraining (GMP refresher) is intended for periodic retraining of employees who have already followed a previous GMP training. The GMP refresher is tailor-made for a specific company or organization. The topics are determined in consultation, for example recent developments in the field of CMP and updates on regulations. The training will soon be available in various forms: e-learning, online, on location with open registration and in-company training on location.

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+31 412 712 092

Pivot Park, gebouw RK1211
Kloosterstraat 9, 5349 AB Oss

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Knowledge of quality assurance and validation is a must for anyone who produces or prepares medicines, distributes medicines or manufactures medical devices. Would you like to (better) train yourself or your staff in the qualification and validation of processes, systems and equipment? Then the Qualification and Validation Engineer training is the solution for you. This new and unique course for the Netherlands is organized by PharmSupport in collaboration with the Hogeschool Arnhem and Nijmegen (HAN). 

This extensive and professionally-oriented training teaches you to become a specialist in the implementation and assessment of qualification and validation projects in accordance with applicable guidelines. The training consists of an educational theoretical framework, specific practical training of the necessary skills and additional skills needed in the field, such as project management and soft skills. After the training, you will have the necessary knowledge to start working as a professional in the field of Qualification and Validation. This is also suitable for QA personnel in qualification and validation projects.

More information about the Qualification and Validation Engineer course? Click here to go to the HAN website.

The Pharmability program is an initiative made possible by the financial support of the European Regional Development Fund and the province of Noord-Brabant.